About B You: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

B You: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds is an inclusive group mentoring program for female-identifying and gender-diverse youth, ages 9 to 15. Groups meet at school once per week.

Our trained mentors guide youth through activities, games, and discussions which focus on physical and mental wellbeing, practicing self-compassion, and building healthy relationships. Each group session runs for 10 weeks.




Games & Movement




Empowering Students to Thrive

When young girls and gender-diverse youth are experiencing adversities and challenges in their lives, supportive mentoring relationships can help them to develop resilience. The immediate and long-term effects of difficulties at school, at home, and with themselves can be reduced with the support, guidance, and inclusion provided by our mentoring program.

Our B You: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds program focuses on empowering female-identifying and gender-diverse youth to take care of their bodies, their minds, and each other. The group provides students a safe space to have fun at school while trying new things, learning about self-compassion, and sharing with their peers.

Volunteer with B You: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Looking for a way to empower the next generation of young women? If you’re female-identifying or gender-diverse and between the ages of 19 and 30, become a group facilitator!

b you website
b you website

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Kait Burns, B You: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds Program Lead

Thank you to our B You: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds Supporters & Funders

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia for B You: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds.