B You Participants Post-Program Survey

Thank you for doing B You! Please fill out this survey as honestly as you can. Your responses will assist us in evaluating and improving the programs of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria and Area. Information from these surveys is also used anonymously to secure funding for our programs. Have a GREAT Winter break!!!!
Did you enjoy Go Girls?
How often did you attend Go Girls? (Please be honest, there's no judgement here! This is just for my own knowledge).
When I was in Go Girls, I felt:
What did you talk about and/or learn about in Go Girls (please choose all that apply):
Did you feel comfortable to talk openly about how you feel and what you think in Go Girls?
How often do you feel good about yourself? (Who you are, and the things you do)
What are some things you like about yourself?
Did you make any new friends in Go Girls?
After Go Girls, do you find it easier to see what your strengths/skills/unique qualities are?
After Go Girls, did you learn new ways to take care of yourself? (Your mind, body, health, etc.)
Did you find your Go Girls leaders easy to talk to?
After Go Girls, do you feel more comfortable asking for help/support when you need it?
After Go Girls, do you feel more comfortable talking about mental health (emotional well-being, stress) and/or mental illness (depression, anxiety, etc.)