B You: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds is an inclusive group mentoring program for female-identifying and gender-diverse youth, ages 10 to 15.

Our school-based program is available on a referral-only basis in select schools in the Greater Victoria Area. Our program is also available online to eligible youth who do not attend one of our partner schools.

B You participants connect with our trained mentors and their peers to learn about supporting their physical and mental wellbeing, practicing self-compassion and building healthy relationships.


Research shows that having a caring relationship with a trusted adult can have a big impact on a child’s emotional wellbeing, self-worth and resiliency.

Young people in our B You program have the support and confidence for long-term stability and success. According to our 2020-21 program report:

94% learned new ways to take care of their bodies and minds
81% feel more comfortable asking for help and support when they need it
76% feel more comfortable talking about mental health
B You: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds


Our volunteer mentors are adults who want to make a difference for young people in our community. Mentors complete thorough screening and undergo training focused on building supportive developmental relationships with children and youth.

B You mentors complete additional facilitator training where they learn how to support mentees in physical and mental self-care, healthy living and developing self-esteem.


Education professionals can refer a child to the school-based program by completing the School Referral Form.

Parents/guardians can consent to their child’s participation in the school-based program by completing the Parent/Guardian Consent Form.

If parents/guardians wish to have their child participate in the B You program, but have not been referred by the school, do not attend a partner school, or are located outside of our service area, youth can be enrolled in the online program by completing the Online Program Registration Form.


When we connect young people with their peers and volunteer mentors, we start something incredible – a life-changing space where mentors support, challenge and empower our youth to reach their full potential.

Contact our Volunteer Intake Coordinator or visit our Volunteer Page to learn more about making a BIG difference as a B You: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds group facilitator with less than two hours per week.

B You: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia for B You: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds.