Reasons for Briar's Bursary

On October 20th, 2022, Briar Mica von Poser, was born on Vancouver Island. Her parents had planned to show her the beauty of the world and all of its creatures, including cats, dogs and ponies, but it was not to be. To honour her memory, Briar’s parents want to cover the cost of sending another deserving child to experience the joy of horses by attending the Ponies and Pipsqueaks Junior Pony Trainer Camp. This week-long, day camp is designed for children, aged 8 to 13, with or without prior pony experience. It takes place in July or August each summer. Briar’s parents hope that the children who attend will think of Briar as they laugh, learn and make lifelong memories at their first-ever pony camp.

Bursary guidelines

Applications must be received by June 25th of each year. Bursary recipients will be notified by July 1st of each year. There is no limit to the number of times that an applicant can request a bursary, however, priority will be given to children who are applying for the first time. Camp fees will be paid directly to Ponies and Pipsqueaks.
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Application Form

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Application submission

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