How long could you wait when you were a child?

Many children have been waiting for a year or more to be matched with a mentor – that special person who can spend time with them, support them through hard times and empower them to realize their full potential.

Children like Mateo, an 11-year-old boy in Sooke. Mateo is a typical pre-teen who loves soccer, video games and superhero movies. He says he wants a mentor who is active, funny and a good listener. Mateo has been waiting for almost nine months to be matched with a mentor.

Mateo’s mom says he is quiet and shy but silly and goofy. He recently started middle school and has been getting bullied by some of his classmates. He is having a hard time making friends at his new school. Mateo’s mom hopes that a mentor can give him someone to spend time with, talk to and rely on as a role model.


Demand for our mentoring programs has reached unprecedented levels as children and youth are navigating a complex world. Our data shows that youth accepted to our programs are experiencing increased challenges like emotional coping difficulties, low self-esteem and being bullied or bullying others.

We need to grow our programs and increase our capacity to make sure these young people don’t fall through the cracks. With your support, we can ensure that every child in need of a mentor can experience a life-changing relationship. It just takes a little kindness to make a big difference in the life of a child.

How Your Donations Benefit Youth

$25 provides games and activity supplies for one In-School Mentoring elementary school for one month

$50 purchases snacks for one B You: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds group for one month

$100 provides tickets to a sports game or other outing for a match in our Community Mentoring Program

$500 supports the training of one new mentor or group facilitator

$1,000 allows us to match one child with a volunteer mentor for a year

Each $1 donated becomes up to $23 in benefits to our community. This is seen through better outcomes for young people in all areas of life – from emotional wellbeing, to employment, to giving back to the community. When we invest in the potential of youth, our entire community is uplifted by the benefits.

Help us end the wait and give kids like Mateo that special person to look up to.