Please make sure you have spoken to your Mentoring Coordinator and received confirmation from them that your match can have an overnight visit at least one week in advance. Please note that matches are not allowed to have an overnight visit during the first year of their match.

Overnight Consent Form


Please only fill out the appropriate section below (ex: Parents/Guardians, only fill out Parent/Guardian section). Once you have filled out your section select "Save and Continue Later" at the bottom of the form.
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This section can be filled out by both the parent/guardian and the mentor.
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Please share where the match will be staying during their overnight visit. E.g., mentor's home, a campground, etc. Please be as specific as possible.
Please include the following information: itinerary, sleeping arrangements (separate beds/sleeping bags), planned pick-up/drop-off times, privacy considerations (changing showering, etc.), and the presence of other people during the visit if applicable (e.g., if someone else is at the home) .


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