Our Community Mentoring Program supports children and youth in Greater Victoria. Families from other parts of Canada should visit the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada website to find your local agency.

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Before starting the application form, please:

1. Reserve your space at an upcoming Parent/Guardian Orientation Session at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/big-brothers-big-sisters-parentguardian-orientation-tickets-87187087927?aff=Website, and

2. View our Family Intake Video:

Thanks, now please start the form.  If you need any help, please contact our Family Intake Coordinator at 250-475-1117, ext. 45

  • About your Child

    To be eligible for a mentor, your child must be aged between 7 and 17 years old and live in the Greater Victoria Area (from Port Renfrew to Sidney).   Submitting an application form does not guarantee acceptance into our programs or that a mentor can be found for your child.
  • Please let us know any/all pronouns your child prefers, i.e. She/Her, He/Him, They/Their.
  • Your child must be aged between 7 and 17 years old to apply for our programs.

  • The child/youth must in Greater Victoria (Port Renfrew to Sidney) to receive service from this Big Brothers Big Sisters agency.
  • Our Big Steps 2 Success Mentoring Program is designed to support children currently living under the care of the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) and/or family support partners. Please let us know if this child is receiving one or more of the following supports from MCFD.

  • Background of Child

    This section is used for statistical purposes only. You do not need to complete this section if you are uncomfortable providing answers. Your answers will not affect your child's application to the program.
  • Please check all that apply.

  • Someone we could contact if we cannot reach you in an emergency.
  • Please describe allergies, medical or physical concerns for your child that their mentor and agency staff should know about.
  • Stay informed of what's happening at BBBS! Fundraisers, Big/Little events, amazing opportunities and more! *Please note you can opt out at any time and we will not sell or share your contact information with anyone.
  • Activities List - Fun Things to Do Together

    Please select the activities, events and/or places your child enjoys or would like to try with their mentor:
  • We do not match girls with male mentors as we always have a considerably higher number of boys on our wait-list.
  • (i.e. sporty, creative, patient, outgoing, calm, etc.)

    You do not have to complete this section if you are not comfortable sharing information about your child or family with us. However, we strive to match each child with the best available mentor and knowing more about your child’s experiences helps us determine who might be the best match for them.
  • Please check all that apply.
  • Please check any/all that apply to this child.
  • Please check any/all that apply to this child.

    Just as we share information with you about the volunteer we select for your child, we need to share information with the volunteer about you and your child.
  • If yes, please clearly state what you do NOT want shared:

    I have completed this form to the best of my knowledge. I will advise the agency of any changes in the child’s home situation, such as address changes, relationship changes, etc.
  • I am requesting service from Big Brothers Big Sisters for this child. I give the agency consent to assign a Mentor to this child. I am aware of and understand the risks, dangers, and hazards associated with the above service and agree such service is suitable for this child.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

    I have completed this form to the best of my knowledge. I will advise the office of any changes to my child’s media consent status.
  • I hereby consent to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada (National Office) and its associated member Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria and Area the use of any photographs, audio and/or video recordings of my child or youth as taken or produced by media personnel and/or National Office or Local Agency staff at recreational events or match outings, or otherwise authorized by the National President & CEO, local agency President/Executive Director/CEO or Board of Directors, and that this media may be used by Local Agency and/or by the National Office for purposes of promotional material including brochures, posters, newsletters, media information, advertisements, audio-visual productions and digital media, (such as the local agency websites and social media). Photographs or video productions may also be shared with community and school partners for program promotion. Please note that it is the parent/guardians responsibility to notify the office if the status of this consent changes.
  • I have read the Media Consent agreement and understand the risks, dangers, and hazards associated with providing or declining consent on behalf of the applicant.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY