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Mentoring Matters

According to the Search Institute, one element of a positive developmental relationship with a young person is…

Expand Possibilities: Connect me with people and places that broaden my world.

What does this look like?

Inspire— Inspire me to see possibilities for my future.

Broaden horizons— Expose me to new ideas, experiences, and places.

Connect— Introduce me to people who can help me grow.

When young people seem curious about an activity, topic, or issue, ask questions such as “what strikes you about this?” Expanding possibilities for mentees involves building connections with people beyond our immediate family and friends—those who are closest to us and most like us. These broader connections, sometimes called “loose ties,” are different from the “close ties” with family and close friends, but they are also important for growing up and being part of community.

For more information: www.search-institute.org/developmental-relationships/

Reflection Ridge:

How have you seen your relationship with your mentee be impacted by the above areas?

What can you do this week to expand your Mentee’s possibilities?

Magic Moments:

“Make a collage!” Choose a theme like: “What do I want in my future?” Or “What I want to be”, and find pictures and words in old magazines and glue them on paper.

Introduce your mentee to a wide range of people, places, ideas, cultures, and vocations. Start with ones they’re curious about.

Tell your mentee about a crisis or difficult experience you went through when you were young and share how that crisis or experience shaper who you are today.

Ask your mentee to use the Web and social media to explore how young people very different from them around the country or around the world are experiencing the response to COVID-19.

Create opportunities for your mentee to evaluate how authorities at the local, provincial, and national level are responding to the crisis and to consider what they would do differently if they were in power.


Resources – Please be advised that some of these events may be affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Chatterblock Victoria – Find what events are happening around Victoria! Filter search by “free”, “kids”, “teen” and more. Visit chatterblock.com/events. Also available as an easy to use app.

CRD Events – Visit crd.bc.ca/about/events for upcoming nature outings and more! Also, check out the seasonal CRD Nature Outings and Events brochure which you can access via the CRD website.

Trails and Parks – Visit victoriatrails.com/trails or the CRD website for a list of hikes, and webvictoria.com/parks for a long list of local parks.

Groupon – If you are thinking of go-karting, mini golfing or some other paid event, check out Groupon to see if there is a deal available! Visit groupon.com/local/Victoria. Also available as an easy to use app.

Times Colonist Online – Visit http://www.timescolonist.com/entertainment/go to find the TC’s weekly events calendar.


Big Brothers Big Sisters Discounts

Royal BC Museum and Imax – Pick up the Museum pass at the BBBS office. Free admission for you and your Little with pass, and 20% off at the IMAX!

Interactivity Board Game Café2 for 1 discount. Bring your BBBS ID Card.

Flying Squirrel“The World’s Largest Indoor Trampoline Fun Park.” 50% Discount. Bring your BBBS ID Card.

Esquimalt, Oak Bay & Westshore Rec Centres  – 2 for 1 discount. For drop-in activities only.  Bring your BBBS ID Card.

All Saanich Rec Centres2 for 1 discount. For drop-in activities only.  Bring your BBBS ID Card.

Crystal PoolPick up free admission passes from your MC. 2 for 1 discount. For drop-in activities only. Bring your BBBS ID Card.

YMCA – 2 for 1 discount. For drop-in activities only. Both Little and Big must present their BBBS ID Card.

Crag X Rock Climbing – Only pay one youth admission between the two of you, and equipment rental is free. Requires Big to pass Crag X belay test prior. Talk to Mentoring Coordinator for details. Bring your BBBS ID Card.

Pacifica Paddle SportsCertain discounts may apply. Talk to your Mentoring Coordinator for specifics.

WildPlay – 2 for 1 discount. Walk in, or book ahead. Bring your BBBS ID Card.

Peacocks Billiards – $6/hour/table before 8pm every day. Identify yourself before renting the table. Bring BBBS ID Card.

BBBS Matchzone – If you are interested in using the Fairfield Community Centre to make use of the art supplies, air hockey, foosball tables, gaming systems, movies, musical instruments, sports equipment and board games, please contact your MC or recreation@fairfieldcommunity.ca.


If you would like us to look into a discount somewhere else please let your MC know.