Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria is always looking for partners to help us collect used clothing.

We work with many businesses, schools, youth groups,  non-profits, and even property managers to collect clothes throughout Vancouver Island.

can my work place or business get involved in supporting our community?

We partner with various businesses and buildings all across the island. We have a variety of ways to help you get involved. Please contact us for more details!

can my classroom or school give back while raising money for a project?

Partner with us and raise money for: 

  • Field Trips
  • New Equipment
  • Special Events
  • Dry Grads
  • Playgrounds
  • And MORE!
Find out how you can Do Good and raise money for your projects

can my non-profit or community group work with you to find a new way to fundraise?

Our partnership initiative allows you to collect clothing for us and share the proceeds. To learn more, please e-mail us.