School Based Mentoring Year-End Program Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! Your feedback will remain anonymous and your BBBS mentoring coordinator will not see your individual response. The survey results will be used to evaluate and improve the services of the Big Brothers of Victoria’s In-School and Teen Mentoring Programs and might also be used anonymously to secure funding for them. Thank you for your time and continued support.
My name is:
I work at the following elementary school(s):(Required)
I have seen the following improvements in my students as a result of participating in the In-School Mentoring Program.(Required)
Please tick off all areas that apply or add additional information below:
This was a valuable experience for the students in my school who participated in the program:
BBBS Staff were helpful, available for questions/concerns, and shared adequate program information:
I was provided with enough information about the program (e.g. program description, how volunteers are screened/trained/supervised, who was responsible for what, etc.) to inform other teachers, parent/guardians etc.:
The amount of time I had to contribute to the program was manageable:
The children looked forward to their visits with their mentors:
The mentors recruited were appropriate individuals for a mentoring role:
The visits between the children and mentors were positive:
The mentoring activities offered by the mentor were appropriate and met the needs of the children:
The matches between the children and mentors appeared to be a "good fit":
My school wants to return as a partner school in 2023-2024: