Steps in our Application Process:

Please watch our family intake video below to learn more about how each child is matched with a volunteer mentor before starting the application process.

  1. Application form – press the blue “Complete the application form online” button to complete the application form online or press the yellow button to have the application form emailed or posted to you.
  2. Parent/Guardian Orientation Session – Select a date for you to attend our group, online session at:
  3. Parent/Guardian Interview – Once you submit your child’s application form (or attend the orientation session), we will schedule a time for you to chat with agency staff so we can learn more about what you and your child want from the mentoring experience.
  4. Child/Youth Inteview and Pre-Match Training – we will schedule a time for your child to chat with agency staff so we can get to know them better.  We will also complete the “Strong from the Start Pre-Match Training” with them.